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Sound Healing

Heal the body through individualized High Frequencies.

  • 1 h
  • From 133 US dollars
  • U.S. 1

Service Description

Agathe is a Sound Healing Facilitator and a Sound Therapy Practitioner. Her passion and care shines through her practice of Sound Vibration Therapy. Her dedication to her clients and attendees is to offer them physical and mental relief as well as guiding them to a profound peaceful state allowing them to surrender to deep relaxation. She studied Singing Bowls Therapy in Delhi, India ; and learned Tuning Forks Therapy with Dr John Beaulieu whom is a foremost philosopher and innovator in sound healing therapies ; she also was trained in the practice of Gong with the U.S. pioneer Gong Master Don Conreaux in New York City. She offers one on one Sound Therapy sessions where she fuses her acquired knowledge of Sound Healing Therapy and Acupressure Point Therapy from Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a non-invasive protocol using Vibrational healing instruments such as Tuning Forks, Tibetan singing bowls and more. Lying on a massage table or on a mat, the instruments are played while lightly placed on or around the body to allow the vibrations to permeate the different parts of the body and mind. A deep sense of calm and ease is induced. She as well joyfully offers Group Sound Healing sessions commonly known as Sound Bath. Attendees are comfortably laying on mats with pillows and cozy blankets allowing them to dive into extensive relaxation while Agathe offers a grounding and warm atmosphere and curates a selection of vibrational instruments that she plays with her whole heart. She embarks you on a Sound Journey. As you are passively laying down receiving the tones and overtones, she will have you riding the waves of several chapters, each Sound Bath culminating with a spectral yet pleasant Gong act. The gong’s sounds and vibrations instantly move us from our awake (Beta) state to a calm (Alpha) state, then ascending to deep rest (Theta) to then surrendering to a deep relaxing meditative (Delta) state. The mind and body is slowing down and the restoration takes its course.

Contact Details

  • Sebastian Yoga Studio, 1557 U.S. 1, Sebastian, FL, USA


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