Are you looking to get away?

April 14 - 17

An extended weekend of meditation, adventure, and liberation. The weekend will be focused around the Full Moon, specifically in honing it's energy to release our "Holiday time" stresses.


Indulge in exclusive classes and daily workshops focused on techniques to allow you to release the old and advance forward with calm and clarity.

At least two yoga classes will be offered daily, as well as sunrise meditations and evening special events including a sound bath hosted by Anthony Profeta & a full moon ecstatic dance.

All meals will be freshly prepared by Chef Zak, owner of Ono Luau.


Connect with loving individuals, your true self, and nature on this full moon extended weekend hosted by Sophlow Yoga.

The Ballard Estate is a true antique gem to the Eau Gallie area of Melbourne Beach, FL. While the bedroom views are breath-taking, and the living spaces give us total romantic, "old Florida home" vibes, we are most interested in connecting outdoors with everyone in the large, Lagoon front yard. The property has kayaks and a launch for your water ventures, or just lots of lovely spaces to read a book and get away.

House will be broken up into private apartments, rooms, or open communal living areas. 

December in Florida is full of sunny, cooler days. Why add the stress of long travel when we can find a getaway right near home, for a sustainable amount of time and money?



About our Home




Private Apartment

Includes all classes, meals + workshops

Private bedroom, bathroom, kitchen + living room

Typically 2 bed/1 bath

Different options available, please reach out via chat bar for individual listings to choose your dream getaway apartment

$800 for single

$1000 for couples

Families please inquire about cost


Private Bedroom/shared bath

Includes all meals, classes + workshops

A private bedroom with a semi-private bath (not attached to room) enjoy waking up in silence and scenery

$500 for single

$700 for couples


Communal Living

Includes all meals, all classes + workshops

You will be living in a shared space (no gender discrimination) on pull out couches or day beds

Closet space will be provided for your things

$333 singles

$500 couples

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Friday the 15th

Saturday the 16th

The first full day of our journey.

In order to find your soul, you must stop searching. YOU, in all your beauty and essence, are already here. On Friday we explore the sacred practice of silence. We will dive into the discipline of stillness. With workshops embodying teachings of Hatha and Yin yoga, we will be diving deep in order to unlock the breath, physical, and energetic bodies alike. 

Only in silence can we truly HEAR. Only in stillness can we truly BE. 

The second full day of our journey.

A day of release. As the moon peaks high and bright, it will illuminate all of the work we did the day before, bringing it all up to surface. What do we do when it all comes bubbling up to surface? 

We let it POUR OVER.

Saturday will be a day of movement, featuring many cleansing and energizing techniques including cord cutting, energy clearing, vinyasa and DANCE.



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Extra Info

We will open the journey at 7 pm on Thursday evening with a greeting circle, and close on Sunday after brunch at 11 am.


An optional beach day will pursue on Sunday, with a free surf clinic for anyone looking to learn how to surf!

Please email or send a chat for the hourly schedule if you are interested!

Please bring a yoga mat, water, any extra snacks/drinks. There are multiple kitchens, so everyone will be assigned to one for their personal food item storage. 

Although most events and meals will be taking place outside in weather that will hopefully be as nice as it has been historically during this time, we still may need to bring meals/classes indoors at times. 

With that being said, for everyones safety, all non-vaccinated participants will need to provide a negative covid-19 test within 3 days prior to arrival on the 16th.

Payments will be made via Venmo or Zelle to @sophiaapickett or


To reserve your space please all that is needed is a downpayment of 30% of your chosen accommodation price.