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Our Phlow Tribe

Our teachers are family. When you are welcomed into a class, know that you  are being welcomed back




Owner, Yoga Teacher, Surf Coach & Creatrix



Sophia operates under the philosophy that each individual has a unique internal therapist, teacher, higher Self. She teaches her classes to help you explore your intuition and exercize the freedom to take what you need. Phlow combines Hatha, Vinyasa, HIIT, and multiple mobility modalities of movement that will connect you deeper to your inner flame. As an experienced LMT, Reiki Master, Surf Instructor and Yoga Teacher, Sophia strives to help you find your "Wu-Wei," "Hypofrontality," or "Flow State." Through years of world-wide travel and teaching, Sophia has realized meditation isn't always found in stillness, peace is sometimes found in the fire, and healing is a direct effect of love and laughter. Put your Surf, Yoga and meditation practice into the safe hands of your Higher Self and inquire about Private Yoga, Surf, Thai, CranioSacral, Reiki, Theta, or Massage Therapy sessions. Find out what the Phlow is all about.

Prices range from $80 - $125 per session, sessions range from 60- 90 minutes.

MA 95747

MM 41038



Rockstar, Dancer, Yoga & Music Teacher



Alesandra Valenzuela teaches yoga to each and every BODY. Her philosophy is that one can feel good now. Without waiting for a better time, or body, she began her yoga practice to build strength, and found that confidence and clarity were a few of the consequences of a consistent Asana practice. Her yoga background comes from the lineage of Kali Natha, taught at the local Sebastian Kashi Ashram, a skilled yoga school that trains their teachers in somatic movement.When she isn't teaching at the studio, she is performing with her band, or teaching the gift of music to children at local schools. Alesandra challenges you to prioritize YOUR health and learn to embrace your unique body.  Experience her classes to find the place where dance, pilates, and meditation merge.



Veteran, Paddle Guide, Trauma-Conscious Yoga Teacher 



Margaret is quick-witted, wise and no, well, maybe a little, nonsense. She apprehensively began her yoga practice as a means to explore that new fad known as yoga - that thing that was supposed to make you forget all your problems - and instead, she found a lifelong passion, peace and philanthropic pursuit. Margaret now has 8 years of experience teaching Trauma-Conscious Yoga to Veterans and military members. As an active member of the Wounded Warriors Non-Profit Organization, Margo has helped hundreds of warriors find a safe haven within their breath and bodies. Fill your cup with guided meditation, fun flows, and dynamic postures by joining one of Margaret's classes.

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Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Specialist, Tarot Reader



Tania Butler is a gifted healer, tracing her ancestry to Puerto Rico, where her direct family line passed on centuries of wisdom from generations of experienced psychics, healers and mediums. After years of trying everything, literally everything, to cure her Fibromyalgia, Tania found herself in a room with a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. From this moment forth, Tania said good-bye to her physical pain, and her "normal" job, and studied to become a professional Hypnotherapist. She guides clients through their past lives in order to deeper personal understanding of fears, phobias, or pains, and bring them closer to their healing and higher Self. Join one of her many group hypnosis sessions, or inquire about booking a 1-on-1 Tarot Reading or Past Life Regression Session. 2 hours for $175

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