Upcoming Events

3 - Week Intensive
200-hr Yoga Teacher Training
in Costa Rica!

June 18th - July 8th 2023


Join Shanti Troy Cox, creator of Safe Yoga School, and Sophia Pickett, founder of Sophlow Yoga & Surf for an intensive, 200 hour immersion into the art of teaching yoga.

This training will expand your understanding of what being a yoga teacher really means. We will spend our time not simply quoting pretty cues or textbook sequencing techniques, but diving into the heart of yoga. We promise to spend this entire time on what matters, studying the fundamentals of the philosophy, the anatomy, and the alignment that has brought yoga teachers around the world to mastery. Our goal is to leave you with the comfort to teach your unique style, the confidence to guide any group of people through a safe practice, and the wisdom to take the practice of Yoga far beyond the physical practice of Asana. By spending 3 weeks in a secluded Pueblo, we offer the opportunity to not only study the practice, but to live and to breathe the practice, free from distraction.

Animal Flow Introduction Class & Surf Day!
Animal Phlow.png

 November 26th at 7 am

Movement is medicine. And as far as the Phlow crew is concerned, the wilder, the weirder - the better! Animal flow an innovative movement practice that will playfully enhance mobility, stability, flexibility & strengthen not only your body but your mind! From the athlete who needs more mobility, the yogi who wants more strength, the surfer who needs both, or a human who craves longevity, you will soon find out that Animal Flow is for everyone. Zion is a teacher/surfer from Cocoa Beach coming to Sebastian to bring us a new way to phlow! Join us to enjoy the sunrise, learn something new, and surf!


Soft top surf boards and in-water assistance will be provided by Sophia. Bring a blanket or a towel, water, snacks and come join the phlow! $20 for intro animal flow class only, $30 if you’d like to participate in the surf clinic, surf is free if you bring your own board & require no assistance or coaching!


Women's Community Circle

Every first Saturday of the month beginning


November 5th at 11 am!

Seychelle brings us a sacred space for women of the community. Each first Saturday of the month we will indulge in a gathering for conscious connection. A sisterhood support network. A place for women to show up as they are, not wearing any of the (metaphorical) masks we are often putting on all day long in order to feel safe and accepted. A space to share and to witness one another in our truth. 

Bring your journal, pen, and your favorite mug. Leave your judgements and comparisons at the door.  We will come together, slow down, meditate, journal, share, connect, sip tea and cacao, and move to some music.  

We can't wait to create some magical friendships. 

Donation Based. Read more about our host here.

Tarot Readings + Reiki Night
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Thursdays before the New & Full Moon phases @


5 pm, check schedule for dates

The night begins at 5:00 pm with 10-15 minute tarot readings to gain clarity on what blessings are to come in this new cycle. At 7:00 pm we will bring the group together for healing energy exchange & meditation.

Open to any and everyone, donation based, come for tarot only, reiki only, or both events!

New Moon Meditation & Activation Interactive Class

November 23 at 6 pm

We begin with our weekly Hatha ritual of grounding, and balancing the masculine & feminine energies through long, deep pose holds & breathing techniques. We will then culminate the energy of this new moon with a powerful, Theta assisted group meditation & vocal toning circle. Be cleansed of what is holding you back, and set your sight on the future with this activation class.