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Upcoming Events

Full Moon Ecstatic Movement
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Friday, July 3rd at 6:00 pm

Daniel Henry, our compassionate, gentle and unconventional Tantra Yoga teacher is guiding us through a special full moon experience. As the sun sets and the moon rises we'll be exploring our inner silly children through dynamic, creative and animalistic inspired movements. After the guided movement portion of our evening we move into  "Ecstatic Movement." Much like an ecstatic dance but without a DJ, Dan will play an hour long set list on our high quality, surround sound system. We are invited to continue to move in intuitive ways - you can dance, you can do yoga, you can jump up and down - no one is here to judge! We will follow Ecstatic dance guidelines of barefoot, consensual, unphotographed and silent (other than organic sounds of release) movement. This evening is one of reciprocity, we ask that you bring a form of donation. It does not have to be money. We suggest a sliding scale of $10 - laundry detergent. See you on the dance floor?

Soundscape Yoga Phlow
Thursdays at 10 am - Aug 25

Anthony Profeta is a former medical student turned internationally renowned meditation teacher, mindfulness expert, & singing bowl specialist.

His knowledge of meditation stems from over two decades of intensive study in monasteries & ashrams of the US, Italy, Nepal, & India.

Sophia will guide intuitive movement and still, restorative poses as we unravel to the sound of the singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments. 

Cancer Season Women's Circle
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Sunday, July 21st at 5:30 pm

Ashley Reyes is a studying astrologer, teacher and herbalist. She creates a solace in her circle's that we return to each month. We study the season's astrology, with this month highlighting a unique second full Capricorn moon. Understand the dynamics of this sign and uncover tools to help navigate the waters of Cancer season. Sip ceremonious tea, and feel supported by the synchronicties of our sisterhood!

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