Upcoming Events

3 - Week Immersive
200-hr Yoga Teacher Training
in Costa Rica!
Sound Bath and Yoga Nidra
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Friday, July 8th at 6:30 pm

Heal through sound and deep rest.


Denise Carraro, life coach, yoga instructor and energy healer, offers the  dynamic workshop your soul has been longing for. 20 minutes of meditation to the singing bowls, then Denise will carry you through a full Yoga Nidra journey of 55 minutes.


Yoga Nidra is known as "the yogic sleep or dynamic sleep", that in fact has very little about sleeping. This is a practice where we flirt with the borderline of sleep; the student remains in the in-between state; between sleeping & wakefulness. In Yoga Nidra we systematically reach to different layers in the body. With this technique we tap into the central nervous system and into the subconscious mind, allowing the student to experience healing, whether is on a physical, emotional, or energetic level.

Full Moon Journey
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Wednesday, July 13th @ 6 pm

The night begins with a practice filled with mantra, gentle Hatha yoga, moving into a guided release meditation for our full moon. We close with a sound healing practice to fill what has been released with love, light and healing.


Past Life Regression Series
w/ Tania Butler
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Fridays at 6 pm. Begins July 29th! 

HEAL through Past Life Regression.


Have you been suffering from emotional or physical pain, chronic illness, or irrational fears? Tried everything? We may have a solution.

This will be a powerful series, beginning at the peak of the New Moon on July 19th, using hypnosis to align us to our highest Self, our channel to the Divine, finding the voice of God. It continues, each following Friday at 6 pm for 90 minute - 2 hour sessions meeting our past selves in other lives that brought us physical pain & emotional trauma so that we may learn the lessons & HEAL. We close at the peak of the next New Moon with meeting our Happiest Self, ending our journey with the utmost confident, brave and self-assured past life that our soul has experienced. We also learn how to call upon this life at any time, to bring us that confidence at any moment.

Join the entire series for $250, or drop in to individual classes for $75.

Upon completing this series you will have access to private sessions with Tania for only $100, an encouragement to continue the work that has been done throughout the weeks.

Individual weeks are as follows -

July 19th: Finding your HigherSelf.

August 5th: Finding Emotional Healing.

August 12th: Finding Physical Healing.

August 19th: 1-on-1 sessions. This session is valued at $175, coming included in your journey. Take the deepest step into the root of your emotional or physical trauma, healing it at the source.

August 26th: Finding your Happiest Past Life.

Tania is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She began her journey as a skeptic, having been suffering from Fibromyalgia for years. Having tried absolutely everything, she finally gave in to the more "woo-woo" side of healing. She was instantly healed after finding her Past Life that had brought her the chronic pain, and has since studied under masters and made it her passion to bring this healing to others.

New Moon Clarity -
Tarot Readings + Reiki Night
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Thursday, July 28th @ 5 pm

The night begins at 5:00 pm with 10-15 minute tarot readings to gain clarity on what blessings are to come in this new cycle. At 7:00 pm we will bring the group together for healing energy exchange & meditation.

Open to any and everyone, donation based, come for tarot only, reiki only, or both events!